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Awesome Pool Party Ideas

If you have a pool, chances are you have lots of pool party ideas already, because people love hanging out at your place whether you are having a planned party or not. Planning a party around the pool is always an instant hit. The pool is an attraction and can be either used or simply as a backdrop to a more refined party. For example, a "wine and cheese" patio party is very nice, with dim outdoor lighting accentuated by the pool lighting. On the other end of the spectrum is the down and rowdy pool party, where everyone's splashing and having a great time. That's the kind this article focuses on.


You can have a pool party wherever the pool is! If you have one in your backyard, great! If not, a community or public pool can be used. Sometimes, community and public pools will even allow you to rent them out for parties, but if they don't, you'll just have to share the pool with whoever else is there.


Shindigz has a cute pool party invitation that looks like a flip flop. You can also write the details on an inflated beach ball and then deflate it to mail or give to the invitee. Use phrases like "Make a Splash With Us!" and be sure to explicitly say to bring or wear a swimsuit.


Pool party decorations should be wildly colorful. Lots of primary colors - balloons can be tied to the pool fence (or around the yard), streamers can be put on the patio or even in the kitchen. Beach balls could be tossed around. The pool should have plenty of floatable toys, rafts, noodles, etc. in it. Be sure to put out all of your lawn chairs and lounges and give them a festive look by putting colorful towels over them. Other fun things - use a beach shovel (clean!) to scoop ice for drinks and use (clean!) pails or frisbees to serve fruits and veggies. Use tiki torches or paper lanterns for light (if your party is at night).


Well.... if you are swimming, major costumes are not recommended! Swim suits are the pool party costume of the day!


Favors for a pool party could be sun screen (or zinc oxide!), beach balls, flip flops, sunglasses, snorkel and mask, or a beach towel.


Since everyone will be swimming, you want to keep the food lighter. Salads and snack foods will be best. If the food will be outside, avoid anything with dairy or mayo. Here are a couple of "cool" ideas: jello, popcicles, finger sandwiches, fruit smoothies, fresh veggies, watermelon, hot dogs.... You get the idea - really easy!


Here are a few pool party ideas for cakes: A sheet cake with a pool in blue icing and little outdoor loungers or figures lying on icing beach towels. Or a round cake decorated to look like a fristbee, a beach ball, or an inner tube (maybe even a bundt cake!). A cake decorated to look like a beach towel or a flip flop.


Ok, is there anyone on earth who has never played Marco Polo? It's a little like a water-based hide and seek. One person keeps their eyes closed and calls out "Marco" and then everyone else calls out Polo, and the person with their eyes closed tries to find and tag anyone calling out Polo. That person then becomes "it" and calls out Marco. You can also toss play gold coins and dive for them (if the water is deep enough) or have swim races. Last but not least, just plain playing and splashing is always a hit!

You can also have activities out of the pool like dancing, the limbo, "hot" potato (with a water filled balloon), water gun fights, and other similar games.

A pool party is such a blast! When you have yours, get wet, get wild, and above all, have fun!

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