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Easy Halloween Party Menu Ideas

To reduce stress in planning, your Halloween party needs some easy Halloween party menu ideas. You’ve planned the perfect Halloween party, complete with theme, games, music, and scary decorations. Now, what should you serve the ghoulish guests? If your Halloween party has a theme, you might want the foods to have names related to that theme. You can give any or all of foods general Halloween names too. You may want just snacks and desserts, or main dishes and sides, so here are lots of suggestions for all kinds of parties.

For a simple party, here are some easy snack ideas:  

·         Bowls of candy, trail mix, or Chex mix

·         Caramel apples, or caramel dip with sliced apples

·         Pumpkin shaped cheese ball with crackers 

·         Popcorn balls and/or popcorn, caramel popcorn, or 

·         Candy corn

·         Hot cider and/or Hot chocolate, or punch  

Ideas for more creative Halloween party menu snacks and treats are endless, but here are some of the easier (and healthier) ideas I have found or come up with:  

·         Cheesy bones: Use refrigerated dough, preferably bread stick dough. Cut and shape dough into strips and put a knot at each end. Sprinkle and/or roll in parmesan cheese. Bake about 8-10 minutes and serve with a spicy ranch dip (made by mixing hot sauce and ranch dressing)

·         Vegedead Skeleton: Arrange raw vegetables on a tray to resemble a skeleton

·         Bat wings: Chicken hot wings

·         Deviled egg eyeballs: Just deviled eggs with a sliced olive in the middle. You can use either black or green olives. 

·         Halloween shaped sandwich bites: Cut out refrigerated dough, meat, and cheese and then layer and bake. You can make cats, jack o lanterns, ghosts, witches, whatever cookie cutter shape you have. You can also make Halloween shaped grilled cheese and serve it with “Bloody” soup (tomato soup). 

·         Healthy Finger Food: strips of green beans and carrots with a “fingernail” attached to one end, which is a slice of almond attached with a dab of cream cheese. Served with a cream cheese or ranch dip. 

You can use Halloween shaped cookie cutters (both regular sized and mini-sized) to cut shapes out of all kinds of things including bread, cheeses, cold cuts, bread dough and obviously cookie dough.  

Some easy but creative Halloween party menu main dish ideas include:

· Eyeballs or Monster Balls: Regular meatballs with or without sauces. They can be left “dry” with sauces on the side or can be cooked in the crock pot with some barbeque sauce. You can buy bags of pre-made frozen meatballs to save lots of time. You can also make meatball sandwiches and call them Monster or Eyeball Sandwiches.

· Witches Brew: Chili or any hearty soup or stew can be part of your hearty Halloween meal.

· Worm sandwiches: If you cut hot dogs into strips and boil, they will curl up and look like worms. They can then be put on hamburger buns and with ketchup, they look like wormy sandwiches (eww!)  

· Mummy dogs: These are really just full-size Pigs in a Blanket but with the dough wrapped to look like a mummy. Very cute!

· Candy Corn Pizza: This is a cheese pizza with different colored cheeses on it. When the pizza is sliced, each piece looks like a large candy corn.

· Chicken or beef barbeque

And here are some easy Halloween party menu dessert ideas:

· Mummy cakes: Twinkies “wrapped” in white frosting, with two MnMs for eyes

· Bloodshot eyeballs: Donut holes with MnM eyes stuck on with frosting and red jam piped on to make the bloodshot veins

· Witches Hats: Round fudge dipped cookies topped with a chocolate kiss (stuck on with a bit of frosting) and a piped on frosting bow make these cute little edible witches hats

· Coffin brownies: coffin shaped brownies with “RIP”piped in frosting on the top 

And of course cupcakes and regular cakes can be decorated in endless ways. Whip cream can be a ghost on top of a dessert, anything can be frosted with goblins, witches, ghosts, vampires, Frankenstein monsters, tombstones, spiders, brains, and whatever other gross and scary things you can imagine!

Again, depending on the theme (if any) of your Halloween party, you may want to make up related names for your food. For example, if you are having a graveyard theme, you could have Tombstone pizza, tombstone shaped cookies, bone shaped crackers with a cheese ball shaped like a skull, etc.

Whichever of these Halloween party menu ideas you choose to have at your party, they are sure to be a hit!

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