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Halloween Party Ideas

Goblins and witches, ghosts and graveyards.... Here are some great Halloween party ideas and tips for having a great Halloween celebration. The scare intensity of your party will be determined by the ages of the guests. If you are having children at your party, you might want to keep the scary stuff light, and stick to more traditional fall-time games and activities, like pumpkin carving and/or painting and bobbing for apples. Teenagers love a good scare (some can handle scarier things than their parents even!) so something like a horror movie marathon with gross-out type foods would work well for them. Regardless of your age group, you can have all kinds of themes.  

Halloween Party Costume Ideas: Here are some easy do-it-yourself costume ideas!

Halloween Party Game Ideas: Here are some fun games to have at your party.  

Halloween Party Menu Ideas: Here are some general ideas for Halloween-themed food at your party.

Halloween Party Ideas for Themes

  • Murder Mystery Party
  • Horror Movie Bash - could show Scooby Doo for kids all the way to The Conjuring for adults
  • Zombie Party - for teen boys, could have an airsoft or paintball zombie killing party
  • Vampire Party - could even specify the Twilight characters or Dracula-themes
  • Haunted House - turn your home (or part of it) into a house of horror!
  • Fairy Tale Theme - have everyone dress up as their favorite fairy tale character
  • Traditional Costume Party
  • Mask party 

And MORE Halloween Party Ideas here!

If you are planning on trick or treating with your kids, give them each small flashlights to carry and keep them with you or another responsible adult at all times. Do not allow them to trick or treat alone.

Be sure to shop online for costumes and house or yard decorations for your party early. You will get the best choices and options online, and avoid the irate parents at the party store the day before Halloween!

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