Christmas Stocking Stuffers

It’s hard to not be excited about Christmas stocking stuffers! When I was growing up, like a lot of kids, we woke up at the crack of dawn and ran to the tree to see what Santa left for us. We felt and shook our packages, but weren't allowed to open any until later. What we were allowed to do, though, was go through our stockings.

We used to get oranges, candy, and little trinkets. Yummy chocolate Santas and marshmallow eggs, along with books of Lifesavers and candy canes were our early morning breakfast. We would get all sugared up, laugh at the brand new toothbrush and toothpaste that Santa ALWAYS left in our stocking, and go through the little gifts in the stocking as well. We would get small toys, little stuffed animals, and other little things like that. Here are some other Christmas stocking stuffers that you can put in your loved ones’ stockings.

For my kids, when they were little I included train parts (Thomas), matchbox cars, and other small toys. I would include things like punch balloons, paddle-ball games, little stuffed reindeers, decks of cards, bubbles, board books, stickers, Pez candies (especially in Star Wars characters), glow sticks, kazoos, little coloring books with crayons, and little Christmas themed games.

Now that my boys are older, Christmas stocking stuffers include gift cards to places like Game Stop and their favorite restaurants, CDs, DVDs, earbuds, flash drives, beef jerky (my older son LOVES this!), toiletries like the Axe deodorant and body sprays the love, and stuff they need for their interests, like bass strings, clarinet reeds, football mouth guard, drum sticks. I also always include one ornament for each of them. This is one of our traditions. The ornament usually reflects something about their life in the past year. I also, like my mom, always include a new toothbrush and toothpaste!

For girls, include things like nail polish, little make-up compacts, pretty soft socks, a diary, hair ties and barrettes, lip gloss, and jewelry.  

If you stuff a stocking for your spouse, here are some ideas:

For him, any small items that he can use with his interests, such as CDs and DVDs, golf tees and golf balls, small tools, gift cards to Home Depot or Pep Boys, a wallet or flashlight, and a gas gift card.

For her, spa gift card, notes from the kids, jewelry, good chocolates, small fragrant candles, perfume or body spray, scented lotion, Christmas CD, a favorite DVD (especially if it’s a Christmas tear-jerker, lol).

I hope you found this article useful for

Christmas stocking stuffers!

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