Party Planning Ideas

No matter what the party, these ideas can help you plan the perfect event. There are all kinds of ways and reasons to celebrate and entertain, and this site is here to help you with ideas.

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Whether your event is big or small, lavish or low-key, there are a general set of aspects to consider. Not all of these aspects are required for all party planning ideas, but in general, here's what to think about when planning your next party.Date and time for the party, and location (helps to determine the theme, e.g., day or night, appetizers or a meal, inside or outside, at home or somewhere else, etc.)

  • Theme or color scheme
    (will pull together everything else about your party, including invitations, decorations, cake, favors, etc.; sometimes this is determined by the type of party, e.g., baby shower)
  • Decorations
    (includes everything from balloons and streamers to flowers to your tableware; how much or how little you decorate depends on the location of your party)
  • Guest List and Invitations
    (if formal, the invitations should appear formal; if a backyard get together, invitations may not be needed at all, but creating a guest list is always important so you know how many people to expect to have enough food, favors, appropriate games, etc.)

  • Food and Drinks
    (can be anything from snacks to a full gourmet meal)
  • Cake
    (often the "centerpiece" of the celebration, the cake should be special)

  • Games, Toasts/Roasts, etc.
    (if applicable for the type of celebration)
  • Music, Entertainment
    (helps set the mood and can be anything from a live band or DJ to soft background music)
  • Costumes
    (is your party a theme that would be fun to dress up for?)

  • Favors and Keepsakes
    (some parties don't do favors, but many do; photos, video, tapes, personalized remembrances, etc.)
  • Tips for the invited guest

And here is a basic party planning checklist to consider when planning.

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